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3 Count Radio Season 5!

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Hello and welcome back to the best wrestling podcast in the world! Its self-proclaimed, but I still stand by that declaration.

I'm dusting off the website here to so I have a place to have people go to get the limited-time run of 3 Count Radio. Mike, Ainsley, and Dare are back, counting down the weeks til SummerSlam in Detroit, which they will be attending.

Look for some old shenanigans, some new wrestling talk and discussion, as well as general nerd-like topics. If you're used to the format of the show, this integration will be different, because we will not be recapping and reviewing ... but rather just having a fun discussion about the wide world of wrestling!

The season is now complete, so feel free to check it out all of the episodes!

Season 5 (The SummerSlam Arc)

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