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We've been working on the Lexicon since the first day here at 3 Count Radio. In fact, most of the entrants come from the first three seasons of the podcast where we had a tendency to give just about everyone and everything a nickname. "The List" these days is mostly a trip down 'Nostolgia BLVD.,' but if there is a term or name you don't understand, there is a good chance it's an entrant in the Lexicon. 

BTW, we coined the term Lexicon WAY before Jericho was using it in AEW. It's ours, we live it, we claim it, we are IT!


A fairly self-explanatory section of the website here ... this is where you can do to listen to and download all of the available past episodes of the 3 Count Radio.


The show has gone through multiple podcasting hosting sites, laptop and external hard drives, and a whole lot of time ... but most of the episodes are there. I've broken the show up into "seasons" to help you find the era of wrestling you're looking for. It's all good stuff, we're pretty funny people. 

Whenever I feel the need to take to my soapbox, I'll do so in the 3 Count Radio Blog. Look here for articles, personal thoughts on wrestling that don't fit anywhere else, and my general musings about things. 

The blog might also house games, polls, or other features of the show and website. 


This is a yet-to-debut segment on 3 Count Radio which will be a twist on our normal PLE prediction league. 

Spacebucks are the official currency of 3CR, and now the hosts will be able to wager Spacebucks to achieve a wealth never before seen in any podcasting realm. 

Or... it will be stupid and we'll abandon it quickly. Could go either way. 


A brand new website feature, I'll be periodically comprising my power rankings of the top faces and heels in wrestling today. These are completely objective and based on my own criteria. It's based on who's entertaining me the most in the role they are playing, both in the ring and on the stick. 

I'll try and update the lists often, so it's more of a "what have you done for me lately list" rather than an overall feeling list. 

WMEM Logo.png

This is the latest edition of one of the most popular 3 Count Radio segments of all time. Playing off of the obvious "March Madness," we've taken 64 WrestleMania Entrances and placed them in a one and done tournament bracket to determine the best WrestleMania entrance of all time. Best is completely subjective... so I can not wait for your negative feedback   



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