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- Example of Lexicon Usage


3.0 – The name of Randy Orton’s over-the-back backbreaker. Not our term, named by “Above Average” Mike Sanders who used this move as his finisher, it’s here because Derek has heard this move’s name for the first time at least 3 times now.


All Buttholes Wrestling *NEW* - AEW. This is what we agreed to call AEW when trying to court CM Punk for be a host on 3 Count Radio. 

Ass Wellington - A British Swamp Donkey; This phrase was coined when Layla turned heel on Kaitlyn. 


Baby Chris Masters – Anthony Neese from AEW


Baby Randy Orton Circa 2004 – Jesse Sorenson, who has since been released and is probably the nice fellow in the wheelchair greeting customers at a Wal Mart somewhere.


Baby Primo – Epico


Backfaces – The terrible tattoos on either Matt Morgan, Gunner’s, or Brock Lesnar's backs that look they were drawn by 5-year-olds.


Bagel Time – The match on the card they do not give a crap about. This is the perfect time to make yourself a healthy snack.


Biancalepsy - *NEW* The novel medical condition where people can't help but fall asleep while Bianca Belaire wrestles a match. It is a mutation / variant of Cenalepsy.  


Blackpool Slam – Wade Barrett’s version of the Blackhole or Bossman Slam.

Buttholes (The) *NEW* - The Elite of All Elite Wrestling. This is CM Punk's demanded term for The Elite during his 5-minute run as 5th Chair of 3 Count Wrestling. 


Capetown Splashdown – Justin Gabriel’s 450 splash.


Cenalepsy - The unfortunate medical condition where people can't help but fall asleep while John Cena is on their television.


Chocolate Wonderfall – The much better name for Mark Henry’s World’s Strongest Slam. Comes from the new desert attraction of Golden Corral, which is probably Mark Henry’s favorite restaurant.


Code Of Arms – Del Rio’s Code-breaker to the Arm.


Crotch-Lock Driver - The literal interpretation and new name of Antonio Cesaro's Neutralizer Finisher. Technically called a "Gotch-Lock" Driver.

The Cornerline – Miz’s signature follow-through corner clothesline.


CORRE-e-door – Wade Barrett’s big boot while opponent is in the ropes. Comes from the fact he was the not leader of the Corre, and used to do this move using Slater and Gabriel instead of the ropes.


Cyber Walrus – Mason Ryan (See also Steroid Gerard Butler)


Dads R’ Us – The store that Kevin Nash exclusively shops at.

Diesel LaFemme - Tamina Snuka in her Female Diesel Bodyguard gimmick for AJ. Also, any move she hits to win a match or after a match is a Jackknife powerbomb. 


Does It Every Week – A through the ropes suicide dive, comes from the fact Daniel Bryan nearly kills himself doing the move every week.


Dr. Stroke – The 4th Chair on the 3CR who shows up when a bad, medical, or sexual joke is made. He always plays the beginning riff of Michael Jackson’s Beat it on a Mariachi Guitar to denote said joke was made.

Drew McIntyre Move Count - A game that you play during Drew McIntyre matches where you count every wrestling move he does. Punches, kicks, clotheslines, stomps, ect don't count, and set-ups for moves that get reversed or thought better of garner negative points. His record is 6 moves in one match, his low point was -1, and his average is 0. Drew McIntyre used to be a punchy-kicky guy, now he's much better. 


Dwellings For Felons – Trivia game where the point is to guess the Heel Wrestler’s hometown.


Get Got (the) – R-Truth’s jumping DDT finisher.

Getting Over (the) – Zack Ryder’s over-the-top-rope flip onto opponents on the outside.

Gingerberg - Another name for Crimson because he is both a ginger and Goldberg's gimmick. See also King Baby. He has since been released and is probably working at a 7-11 somewhere. 


Gum News – Tangent segment of the show where Derek discusses his personal journey to find the perfect sugarless fruit gum.


Herny – The constant typo misspelling by Mike of Mark Henry’s name.

Hurty Choppy / Oopsie Droppy -  The Great Khali's chop to the head and double-handed choke-Drop. These are his names for these moves because he only understands the english a 3-year-old would.

I’m Flying – CM Punk’s top-rope springboard clothesline where he will often shout “I’m Flying” as he’s doing it. 


Irish Spring – Sheamus’ vaulting shoulder block, possibly makes opponent smell like’s he’s worth exploring.


Jennifer Hudson – David Otunga’s finisher. Formally his actual name in NXT, The Nexus, and during his tag team run with Michael McGillicutty. He has since earned his real name back. Comes from the fact the most interesting thing about him used to be that he knocked up Jennifer Hudson. He now drinks coffee, poses, and is wonderful. 

King Baby - Crimson in TNA, named this because he looks like a normal wrestler with the head of an infant. See also Gingerberg. He has since been released, and is probably working in the hardware section at a Lowes somewhere.

Little Jimmy In Paradise - The Tag Team of R-Truth and Kofi Kingston


Maclicutty – Michael McGillicutty. John Cena coined this phrase and we actually liked it enough to use it.


Merry-Go-Ryan – Mason Ryan’s finisher ... the torture rack into a back to back neckbreaker ... Also known as the Mason-Go-Round.


Mickey Mouse – Evan Bourne. Comes from the fact that when he talks, all you can do is smile and think about Disneyworld.

Mouthful of Ryder – Zack Ryder’s leg lariat finisher, named that because the true power of the move comes from the placement of his crotch more so than the actual fall.


Mr. Ziggles – Dolph Ziggler, Ziggleypuff, Ziggletastic


Muscle Grandpa – The Rock during match-promotion pictures.

Muscle Hugh Laurie - TNA's Magnus

Muscle Jason Mewes - *NEW* Matt Riddle.


Places for Faces – Trivia game where the point is to guess the hometown of the FACE wrestler.

Poochie  - Triple H. Comes from the fact that the WWE used to want Triple H to be on television all the time. In the rare times he can't be ... the audience should be asking "Hey, Where's Triple H?"

Poochie and the Snake - Triple H and Randy Orton. Sung to the tune of Benny and the Jets. 

Poochie Levesque - Corporate Triple H, the heel turn has not improved his television time, in fact it's way worse now. He's now on close to 46% of WWE programming. As you know, during the other 54%, you should be asking ... "Where's Triple H?"

Primicos – The Tag Team of Primo and Epico.


Radny – The habitual mistyping of Randy Orton by Mike.

Randy Orton's Sleeve Tattoos - TNA's Kid Kash, because somehow Orton's sleeve tattoos jump off his arms to wrestle Thursdays on SPIKE TV once every few months.

Rhodes Scholars - The tag team name of Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow, coined by Tommy Gun at least 1 month before it was said on the 9-25-12 Episode of RAW.


Ride of The Valkyries – Daniel Bryan’s Giant roundhouse kick.


Side of fries – Heath Slater’s finisher, comes from the fact he looks like the chick from Wendy’s.


Slapsgiving – Sheamus’ move where he ties his opponent in the ropes and pounds on their chest far too many times in the span of a referee 4-Count.


Spudz-McJericho - Jerry Lynn, because he looks like the love-child of Chris Jericho and former canine Budweiser Mascot; Spudz McKinnsey.


Steroid Gerard Butler – Mason Ryan (See also Cyber Walrus).


Star-Spangled Splash – Jack Swagger’s Vader Bomb.


Sun Cat – Sin Cara … because his mask looks simultaneously like a sun and a cat.


Super Dave – John Laurnitis aka Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and Intern-am Raw General Manager because he looks and sounds like Super Dave Osbourne.


Swaggles – The name of Jack Swagger’s first born child (formally the tag team of Ziggler and Swagger … (see now Zig Swag).


Swamp Donkey – A particularly nasty Diva or Knockout, per their gimmick. Its not their fault. 

Team Friendship - The Tag tag of Kane and Daniel Bryan, quite possibly the greatest tag team ever formed. Screw the name "Hell-No"


The What What in the Butt Guy – Zema Ion

Write us in – Mike’s way of saying he wants people to E-Mail the show.

X-Y-Z-Factor - Dolph Ziggler's top rope X-Factor. Named this because he uses the X and Y Axises to do the move, and his name is Ziggler. 

Young Horse Beach Pavilion *NEW* - Colt Cabana. The name we had to use when CM Punk was on the show for a hot minute. 


Zig Swag – The tag Team of Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler.


#KANAL - The unfortunate conclusion to #KANEALL. It comes from the twitter poll the WWE released asking who AJ should date, #AJPUNK, #AJBRYAN, #AJKANE, or #AJALL.

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