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This is the latest edition of one of the most popular 3 Count Radio segments of all time. Playing off of the obvious "March Madness," we've taken 64 WrestleMania Entrances and placed them in a one and done tournament brackt to determine the best WrestleMania entrance of all time. Best is completely subjective, so there are no rules as to why we like any one entrance over another ... so I can not wait for your negative feedback ::ROLLINS LAUGH::

Mike, Ainsley, and Dare will be the ones making the selections, but I will absolutely open it up to listeners, or even just random wrestling fans from any corner of the internet to weigh in. 

The WWE is pretty stingy about taking down non-official uploads of WrestleMania entrances ... so it would be very difficult and tedious to try and link every one of these matches. But, I've provided the WrestleMania in which they take place if you want to fire up Peacock and play along. 

I'll be posting them on the FACEBOOK page as well as posts in the subreddit r/squaredcircle where I will be posting as u/mr3CountRadio

Check back often as I will be updating the bracket as we go!

As Mr. Savage would say... "OH YEAH, LET THE MADNESS BEGIN"

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