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Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Another week, another update. I really think there is something clicking in my head that hasn’t happened in over a year with my diet. I’m finally getting back into the head-space where I need to be in order to get some real work done on this losing weight thing. I’m not thrilled with my number (5 pounds lost this week) At this point last time, I dropped 15 pounds in the first two weeks, but it’s still not terrible I suppose.

Week 2 Grade: B-

The biggest news is I went 6 of 7 days completely low-carb and only splurged once when I got a popcorn when I went to go see Terminator (I liked it). I called it Popcorn Tuesday, and I hope it was an anomaly. Popcorn is so difficult to resist for me, it’s one of my worst vice-foods.

Other than that, I was really good when it came to eating. I had breakfast food for about four or so meals, had a low-carb pizza, a few salads, and some bun-less Coney dogs.

I think my proudest moment is while I had three non-home cooked meals, I chose to eat a salad at each of the places I bought food from. This alone, is a giant win for me.

I also cooked some damn tasty French onion soup.

Exercise and mental health stuff, we’re still going slow with. I didn’t write my blog post about how my depression is manifesting, so I’ll put that on the docket for this week. It will be good to get it out there into the world. I did go for one, 2-mile hike, but nothing much else. But I saw some deer real up close, so that’s always cool.

But I wasn’t able to meet my goals, so that’s why week 2 was a B- overall

Week 2 Goals

Diet: I’m going to try and go all low-carb again this week with no cheat meal. I’m trying really hard to get my body into full ketosis.

Exercise: The snow we just got today is going to squash my idea of of walking outside this week I fear. Let’s go practical here, I’ll try and walk at least once this week, and try and do some low impact yoga or something to supplement it. Hell, shoveling snow alone is a damn good workout.

Mental Health: I’m going to write that blog I promised last week and try and get more “good” sleep this week. Also, I’m continuing to check in with my accountability buddy Stephanie, who is starting her journey on the right foot!


Date: November 11, 2019

Starting Weight: 340 lbs

Current Weight: 332 lbs

Goal Weight: 250 by Oct 1, 2020

Mood: Tired

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