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Small Steps Along a Long Road

Week three was very neutral for me on the old grand-ship keto as the things stayed the course from last week.


I had a cheat meal again when I wasn’t planning on it. I also had a day where I accidentally went over carbs (but not crazily) because I can’t read a label correctly. However, save for those two days, I was pretty good food wise. I will say, the most valuable piece of information I’ve collected on myself is that I’ve discovered a danger zone in my behavior.

Tuesday night is an issue. It’s the night where I record my podcast, and after we’re done, I stay up late to edit it in order to release it as soon as possible. This is going to become a problem because I’m awake during the hours I’m almost always asleep and I’m extremely hungry and unsupervised. Because of this, I went out and bought snacks for the night and I made really bad choices.

The good news is, now that I’ve figured out the problem, I have a solution. I’m going to make it as inconvenient as possible to buy snacks Tuesday night, such as having my wife hide my wallet somewhere. This way, if I’m hungry enough, I can go through the effort to make myself a low-carb snack rather than buy junk from the gas station.

As far as my non-diet goals, I was 50-50. I did not exercise once (fail), but I did open up quite a bit to friends about my mental struggles and wrote a blog entry on how depression was running my day-to-day life right now. Since my mental health is one of the things I'm trying to prioritize, I’ll chalk this up as more of a win than a loss. It’s truly incredible how simply talking to a friend about things can be such a relief.


Wins: 1 Pound lost, opened up about mental health issues, discovered a flaw that can be corrected in my lifestyle.

Setbacks: Had an unwanted cheat day, struggled to get out and exercise, napped way too much.


Diet: Keto. Keto. Keto. I had to start my 21 straight days of keto over again because of my cheat days last week, but we’re attempting it again starting now. I’m also going to start a food journal, inspired by Steph.

Exercise / Lifestyle: This is a tough one because I’ve shown no motivation at all to get off my ass. I think I’m going to amend for this week and make my goal to only nap one day this week.

Mental Health: I had a big breakthrough last week, so my goal is to tackle my anxiety a little. I have two kid’s scout meetings, a school meeting, and an outing with friends to get through this week. My plan is to get through all of them without too much panic, and remembering to take my meds well before I have to be a human in public.


Date: November 18, 2019

Starting Weight: 340 lbs

Current Weight: 331 lbs

Goal Weight: 250 by Oct 1, 2020

Mood: Lighter

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