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'Joker' Review

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Joker is a movie that can be something different to everyone who watches it. I went into the movie with a negative agenda and basically only watched it because everyone around me was so impressed by it. I wanted to see it for myself so I could tell all of my friends why they were so wrong about it. In the end, I’m the one eating crow because I really liked it.

Before the movie, I had two thoughts, This is another DC movie money-grab and worse yet, it’s giving a character an origin story who thrives on having a mysterious origin. I did not want to see where the Joker came from and I had no interest in feeling any sympathy for him. To me, my Joker is a complete psychopath and true agent of chaos, not a man battered and beaten by a cruel world who is backed into a corner before lashing out.

After watching the movie, I still feel that the movie didn’t need to get made, but I’m glad it was. The brilliance of the movie comes from how by the end, you can take away any number of things and every conclusion is possible. How much of the movie was real, was any of it? Is Arthur Fleck even the Joker who eventually fights Batman? In my head, he is not, he’s nothing more than an inspiration to the main Joker who is even more insane than the Joker from this movie.

Verdict: Unless you’re expecting a CGI action throw-down, you’ll probably enjoy this movie on some level, no matter who your Joker is.

If you'd like to hear extended thoughts on the Joker, check out this segment from episode 160 of 3 Count Radio.

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