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How's the Start of the Tigers' Season Going?

Everyone plays a role in their various friend groups, and it’s not always the same in each one.

In my main group of fellas with whom I share 30+ years of absolute genuine friendship, I am but one of many religious Detroit Tigers, Red Wings, and Lions followers. We all have our areas of expertise … but we are all mostly equals in knowledge and passion for the teams.

However, in my other social circles, my friends don't follow the teams as closely. Honestly, most of us have been checked out for quite a while due to the seemingly never-ending rebuilding. For example, many of my friends at work don't watch the games, but are still fans and care about the team.

That's where I come in, I'm the Detroit Sports tastemaker of the office (Self-proclaimed).

The other day, my friend Nick, asked me the question, "Mike, how do I feel about the Tigers this year?"

I found this hilarious phrasing because he didn't want my opinion for the team, he wanted me to tell him how "HE" felt about the team.

That silly interaction is the inspiration for this column. I thought it would be fun to write for those people, so they could then take my fantastic opinions and present them as their own.

This is my service to you, the casual fan who doesn't have a clue what the current situation is, and needs to ask the question:

The answer: You feel Real Bad.… but at least we aren’t the Cincinnati Reds.

This start to the baseball year has been a total storming crap-fest of disappointment.

It began with the owners being old, greedy, and dumb and locking out the players and now sits with our beloved Tigers hitting a measly ten homeruns in 23 games. That’s … not great. This hurts even more because when I looked at the lineup before the season began I honestly thought 1-9 had a chance to hit 20 home runs a piece (Maybe with the ironic exception of old man Cabera.) And yeah, that week Miggy got to 3000 hits was fun, but all it did was put a party hat on a really badly slumping ball club.

Speaking of this, I did miss an opportunity to really cash in on a t-shirt idea after Aaron Boone and the Yankees intentionally walked Miggy while he was sitting at 2999 hits in the 8th inning of their final game.

The Tigers currently sit at 8 and 15, having just barely squeaked out a split on a doubleheader with the Pirates, where the Bucs literally gave them the first game on a platter.

They aren’t hitting … and when they do … it’s not with any power … and when it is … there isn't anyone on base. The starting pitching has been ok, especially when you consider most of our hopes and dreams were resting on arms that are on the injured list.

I mean, Skubal has been a standout, but E-Rod, Alexander, and Pineda haven’t been worth a damn yet. When you combine that BS with some of the worst team defense I’ve seen since I played little league for J&J Stables at Elba. I honestly can’t understate how bad the defense has been. I think they’d have three or four more wins than they have now if they could have just been bad defensively, rather than putrid.

Oh, fun fact … the Tigers are also sitting with the league-best bullpen ERA in this awful dystopian start to the year. What a got-dang waste.

This year isn’t as bad as the start of last year, but it’s probably more disappointing because I had actual hopes for them to be decent this year. Around this same time, they had a road-trip to Houston where things all of a sudden turned around and they hit like 12 home runs in three or four games and scored 40 runs. As it turned out, coming into that hitter-friendly ballpark as major underdogs was just what the doctor ordered to get them right after their 9-24 start last year. Tonight, the Tigers begin four games against the ‘Stros in a scary-similar situation, and hopefully they just can put some balls on that short porch in left field and see if they can remember how to complete a trip around the baseball diamond.

I hope that the team we’ve seen so far isn’t a sign of the times and just the normal early season cursed Tigers. I hoped the team would flirt with 500 this year, and I had a feeling they would start slow, but I was expecting more meh rather than downright offensive baseball in just about every aspect other than offensive production and bullpen arms.

But like I said to start out, at least we’re not the 3-22 Reds and it must suck to be in Cincinnati!

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