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A Really Good Win This Week

What a weird week this has been. I honestly have nothing to complain about in terms of my goals from last week, I lost some weight, and I feel I have more energy. The problem? My tire decided to blow out on the way to work on Sunday morning. Here’s the strangest thing… I’m not stressing that much about it. That may change if the bill is much higher than the deductible and cost of two new tires. Stay tuned!


I gotta give myself credit when it is due. I made it through the entire week without a cheat day and kept my carbs under 20 every day with relative ease. Granted, I did have a rum and diet coke, and a couple of very large meals, but I was very good. This week is going to be rough because it includes a bar night, Thanksgiving, and all the things that follow the holiday. I have a battle plan, so I’m 100% expecting my week 5 update to include another super-keto week.

With my other goals, I think I succeeded greatly. I only napped one day last week, which was Sunday, and that was honestly out of pure exhaustion because of having to deal with the fallout from the car troubles. While I can honestly say I didn’t enjoy going to three Cub Scout meetings in one week, I didn't even come close to a panic during them.

Plus, I had one hell of a fun night on Saturday playing Parks and Rec trivia with some of my best friends. My team, aptly named “Stop Poopin,” came in 3rd place out of 18 teams. We are total Parks and Rec nerds.


Wins: Stayed Keto, stayed mentally balanced, stayed awake!

Setbacks: Still have no desire to exercise yet, Did some drinking, lol.


Diet: STAY KETO for the week. I’ve got a couple of big hurdles to clear in a boys night out and Thanksgiving, but I have a plan for each.

Exercise / Lifestyle: I just want to get through this week without cheating on my diet and freaking out, so I’m not going to have a goal here this week.

Mental Health: Work on staying calm this week in the face of my anxiety triggers. I’m going to have to drop a lot of money this week (Car and Christmas), and I need to stay level.


Date: November 25, 2019

Starting Weight: 340 lbs

Current Weight: 328 lbs

Goal Weight: 250 by Oct 1, 2020

Mood: Stressed but Coping.

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